It is at first glance by passion to solve multiple problems of air treatment that we surpass ourselves in our profession for more than a century.


We embrace open management where the integration of stakeholders and our employees into projects remains the basic premise.


Is one of the core values of our team and our shareholders group. We perform daily promoting honesty, respect, transparency and ethics.

Commitment to excellence

These three values ​​lead to a fourth that has propelled our company and all of our businesses since 1904.


Accompany our customers by providing them with century-old expertise and the highest quality service in the form of turnkey solutions including engineering, manufacturing and installation, in order to fully realize their investment project.

Our basic principle since 1904:

” Do not spare anything to satisfy the customer “
Azarias Germain, Founder of Germain et Frère


Our vision is to be a North American leader in building mechanics engineering related to industrial HVAC systems and industrial process air handling to contribute to our customers’ success.



Foundation of the company in Trois-Rivières by Mr. Azarias Germain. At this time, the company specializes in plumbing.


The fire destroys the center of Trois-Rivières including our workshops which is rebuilt in 1910 where it still based today.


The company starts working for the pulp and paper industry and carries out important work during the construction of the Wayagamack News Print now Kruger Wayagamack.

1913 – 1932

The company adds to its expertise the heating, ventilation and roofing of government buildings. During these years, it carries out plumbing, heating and ventilation works for several railway stations, churches and hospitals.

1939 – 1945

The company contributes to the war effort by carrying out large-scale work in military camps and ammunition factories.

1945 – 1980

The company positions itself as a manufacturer of ventilation, refrigeration, sheet metal, mechanical manufacturing or repair, plumbing, heating or roofing equipment. It expands its scope to ship and sell in Ontario, New Brunswick, British Columbia and all of Quebec.

1980 – 2015

The company is now the reference in terms of industrial air treatment and consolidates its position in the pulp and paper industry in addition to developing the mining sector, agribusiness, petrochemical and the steel sector.


The company is now headed by Mr. Léon Méthot, Claude Germain, Kevin Bartlett & Philippe Vallières. The strategic vision of our four shareholders is to build on these 100 years of existence and propel the company as a leader in industrial HVAC systems and industrial air treatment.

Health and safety

Both in construction and in the factory, the health and safety of our employees is at the heart of the concerns of Germain et Frère.

Our priority is to ensure the well-being and protection of our workers and customers in all the environments in which we operate.

We also have a comprehensive plant and worksite response plan that includes a continuing education program and comprehensive health and safety procedures and policies that are supported by the employer.

Environment and Quality

We adopt a firm policy and we demand nothing less than excellence in respect for the environment and the quality of our achievements.

Our goal is to put forward proactive management practices that meet the highest environmental standards in the industry.

Our priority is to offer a quality service at a competitive price for each of the projects we undertake.